DIY Black Box Labs Paper Box

Assemble your own Black Box Labs Paper Box! Our lab logo is printed on the flap of the paper box, which remains open for analysis. Feel free to leave your box open or tape it closed. The dinosaur on our QR code is a homage to the

You’ll need a few supplies: card stock paper, a pair of sharp scissors, and a little scotch tape.

Print the T-shaped paper mold onto card stock paper and carefully cut it out. Create a soft fold along every dark black edge, including the triangles, so that the writing is on the outside of the box. As you fold the creases, the box will begin to take form. Use four (4) small pieces of tape (about 1/2 inch long) to tape the small triangles down on the inside of the box frame; they provide stability and closure for the box.

Below, a picture of the first version of the paper box, printed on 98 lb. #185 graphite paper.